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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in our type of business comes in many forms, stemming from the supply side and from the demand side, stemming from the differences as to what has been achieved and what is left desiring to be better, what is enough and what more can be done.

We have been preparing to enter this business for a long time, but we are in this business rather recently. When time came to write the Corporate Social Responsibility policy of our company for ourselves, our suppliers, our clients and for you, the reader, we thought of telling you our story and how we arrived at our current philosophy amongst the quagmire of different initiatives and standards.

We wish you a pleasant and interesting read, because what follows is a journey through the world of timber with its dangers, curiosities and beauty:

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EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) and Due Diligence:

In 2018 we became a full Custody of Chain importer through our own purchasing and production companies:

  • Aurelius Trading O.O.O.,  Russian Federation*
  • Aurelius Lignum L.L.C.,  Republic of Belarus*

To ensure our products are in line with EUTR regulations, we have created our own Due Diligence system.

If you have any questions concerning our Due Dilligence system and Risk Minimisation policy, please contact Michiel Wiersinga.

* the full details of both companies are listed on our contact page.


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