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In 2015 our company took the pivotal decision to assess, in great detail, the potential of the timber trade industry, specifically timber trade between the Netherlands, Belarus and Russia.

Research into the potential of the unique types of wood from Russia in combination with an analysis of the potential of the Dutch timber market showed us that the critical success criteria to achieve our mission were all present. This did not come as a large surprise to us; we knew what we were looking for.

Today we are glad to be a highly specialized importer with a growing reputation and we are working hard to establish ourselves as a Western Russia and Siberian timber focus fully independent importer and distributor in the Netherlands and Belgium.

We would like to welcome you to take a journey through our website where we cover all aspects about us and our mission, living and harvesting in Siberia, how we treat the environment and of course satisfy all and any of your interest regarding characteristics and curious peculiarities of our products.

We treat all of our clients and suppliers with equal respect, regardless of geographical distance and we actively seek to connect people on an international but personal level by forming partnerships, friendships and research and develop markets together.

It is an integral part of our Corporate Social Responsibility that we never undertake directly or indirectly any actions that are not socially responsible, not environment friendly, not ethically considerate or do not reflect the true value of our service.


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