Wall panelling, floor decking and terrace decking, fences and fascia planks made from Oak, Siberian Ceder and Siberian Larch are durable and stylish. This combination of longevity of service and aesthetic appeal makes these products excellent for indoor and outdoor at home with numerous styles of decor. After beams are sorted at the base at the facility, they are processed like this:

1) Drying
The materials are dried to the technical specified level.

Decks and cladding 1

2) Sawing
The beams are sawed using multiblade saws for the purpose of getting uniformly correct widths.

Decks and cladding 2

3) Prelimanary trimming
Crosscut lathes eliminate the distortion and curvature of beams and reduce the allowance for further processing.
The machinery cuts the ends of blanks that have cracks after drying.

Decks and cladding 3

4) Defects examination
Examination of workpieces is performed using four-sided longitudinal milling machines.
These effectively determine surface imperfections and ready the workpieces for further processing.

Decks and cladding 4

5) Defects elimination
Elimination of defects/imperfections on workpieces. Obtaining defect-free workpieces for further
splicing along the length is done with the help of equipment for defect cutting and optimization processing.

Decks and cladding 5

6) Splicing
Workpieces are spliced along the lenght.

Decks and cladding 67) Calibration
Longitudinal milling is performed in order to obtain accurate geometric forms and to obtain a high surface cleanliness.

 Decks and cladding 7

8) Profiling
The surface is profilled according to the technical specification, set parameters, cutting and optimization processing. 

Decks and cladding 8


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