Drying the moisture content of wood is the most important characteristic of this material. Uneven distribution of moisture during drying of natural material can lead to internal stress, it arises without a vernal force. Such a stress leads to deformation, and as a result the size of the parts changes when machining the wood.

The drying process plays a pivotal role in ensuring the resulting quality of finished timber products. There are two types of drying:

  1. Atmospheric drying
  2. Chamber drying.

Drying chamer schematic

All of our products are chamber dried, this way we can set the most optimal drying regime and control the drying parameters. The drying equipment and the drying algorithms are integral part of quality control system. Our producers mainly use TekmaWood drying chambers, capable of drying at once 4500 m3. Controlled drying process with digital program control ensures that the resulting product attains the required strength and humidity characteristics. (Up to a technological humidity of 10% -12%.)

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