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We currently source forests in three Federal Regions in the Russian Federation. The area from which we source our European Oak is located near the city of Ryazan, in Western Russia, while our Siberian timber originates from the Central Siberian Region of Krasnoyarki Kray and the Eastern Siberian Region of Irkutsk Region.

Albeit all regions of the federation fall victim to the notorious winter, the climates, landscapes, ecosystems as well as infrastructure differ greatly between the Western and Eastern regions. These differences constitute very different approaches to the responsible forest management that our company employs.

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We would like to bring to attention that our company complies fully with the regulations across all of our business branches and partners, as stipulated by:

  • The Federal Minstry of Forestry of the Russian Federation
  • Ryazan’s, Kransnoyarsk’s and Irkutsk's Regional Departments of Forestry
  • The obligations of the EUTR and Legal Source Certification
  • Our application for FSC certification

Our forest technicians unanimously carry out fytosantaire work at regular periods, their work pivots around our core believes: that we never undertake directly or indirectly any actions that are not socially responsible, not environment friendly, not ethically considerate or do not reflect the true value of our service.


Introduction to Russian Ecology